Displayed below are all the original works I’ve done over the years. Most of them are of characters I designed and illustrated from a story I’ve been working on for a long time, so welcome to the world of:

The Protectors

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However, before I delve into the plot of the story it’s necessary to understand the world and its fundamental/influential characters and systems in place. We begin with the spiritual hierarchy of this world and the religion of the people who inhabit Meros. In this world, about 1/3 of the population gains elemental abilities as passed down through their family lineages. Thus, a majority of the world practices the same religion called “Harmonity” established during the dawn of human existence as humans grew to revere and worship the governing powers of the world.

Light and Darkness are essential in the balance of all things, night and day, love and hate, freedom and imprisonment. All things require balance, and so humans turned to the Celestial Beings of Light and Darkness.

Starting with Rhea the Goddess of Light who amassed a great following among the world of men as she favored humans and grew fascinated in their ability of free will and choice. Rhea symbolizes purity, knowledge, and enlightenment. She is associated with the sun and is revered as the source of all wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

This piece titled “Rhea, The Goddess of Light” is one of my favorite pieces from this year and took me longer than most of my other digital artworks. She is depicted holding tenderly the planet as tears slip down her face. Within the lore of the story, this a mural/tapestry of the Goddess, and no one really knows why she is crying, however, I created her this way because she cares about the world and the people in it so much, it hurts her when something/someone threatens it.

Sad Season 17 GIF by America's Got Talent

I have an entire post on my Instagram dedicated to her which you can find: >>here<<<