This marks my first post about life on this website, and I gotta say, life is a fragile thing. It can be good one moment and horrible the next, but I’m grateful for the chance to live it and experience all of the things I tend to take for granted in my life.

I’ve recently realized that life is full of problems…(duh!) but as obvious as that sounds to us it’s a part of life and there’s no changing that. So when life throws problems at you accept them and try to think of the person you’ll be once you get through this small struggle. Don’t think of how much worse it could be or why you of all people, try to redirect your thinking to be positive.

BUT easier said than done right?

I try to see life more positively…because if I don’t I’ll just think about how dark and depressing everything is and feel like everyone is out to get me, while simultaneously only looking out for yourself, which can feel so alone.

So I would rather focus on what is within my control and take it one day at a time. When something happens in my life that I have no control over, or if I make the mistake myself and it ruins something I carefully reflect on it, and instead of panicking about how worse it could be I try to be thankful that I’m alive to have such a problem in the first place.

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I think about the other people in the world and how from their perspectives my problems are trivial and nothing to worry about. If this is the magnitude of my problem then I will get through this…because people have gotten through worse.

I think that the Israel-Hamas War (which is actually a genocide) has had a profound impact on how I see my own problems because as of right now 16,000 people have died in Gaza and more than half of the territory is displaced. Those people have to constantly be alert and worried about their families, where they’re going to sleep, where they’re going to get their next meal, and if they’re going to live to see tomorrow.

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